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    ​San Antonio Pool Deck Refinishing

    On an overwhelming majority of pools in the San Antonio area concrete is the material of choice to put around them. This is because it is one of the cheapest and easiest of all the different pool deck types to install and generally speaking will last a long time. As strong as it is, over time this concrete can become worn, cracked or unsightly. There is also a good chance that maybe it never looked good in the first place. If any of these are the case with the concrete decking around your San Antonio swimming pool then maybe you are thinking it’s time to do something about it?

    There is nothing that will take away from the looks of your San Antonio swimming pool area more than a concrete deck around it that has large cracks, uneven spots and even chunks missing around the edges and corners Even if you do such things around as resurface your swimming pool, build a decorative gazebo or add beautiful plants and flowers to your poolscape; none of it will help your poolscape look as good as it could if your concrete walk deck is in poor condition. Think of it like your car; no matter how much you wash it, wax it and detail it – it still won’t look good if your tires are not shiny and brand new looking too. Over time many problems with the concrete deck around your swimming can occur Which can cause it to become unsightly and even unsafe. Swimming pool deck conditions can change because of such things as settling, chipping, cracking, staining and minor or major cracking taking place. If this gets bad enough at your San Antonio home you will want to do something to improve the looks and safety of the concrete deck around your swimming pool in most instances. Years ago people didn’t have a lot of options when the concrete around their swimming pool started to crack and deteriorate. They could either live with it by putting some ugly filler in the cracks of the concrete to keep people from stubbing their toes or they could tear out the existing concrete deck and start over from scratch; neither of which was an ideal choice for a San Antonio area pool by any means. Fortunately now there are many products available for refinishing your San Antonio swimming pool deck.

    You no longer have to go to the extreme expense of tearing out the old concrete and installing new or putting Band-Aids on the existing concrete. Many of these pool deck refinishing products that will be discussed in this article will not only solve problems such as cracking and chipping but they will also greatly enhance the looks of your pool deck after they have been applied over it.

    Types of Pool Deck Refinishing Products

    Here are some of the most common and popular swimming pool deck refinishing products that can be found in the San Antonio area. They are a much cheaper alternative than tearing out your existing concrete and replacing it and they will leave your entire poolscape looking much better.

    A Concrete facelift:

    These are only done if your pool deck concrete is dull and boring looking but other than that is in pretty good shape. This means the decking is fairly level all the way around your pool and has only minor small cracking that can easily be filled or coted over.


    Painting concrete surfaces has been around for a long time. It is a very inexpensive way to change the look of a concrete pool deck surface that is still in pretty good shape. You have to be careful here when selecting concrete paints because sometimes what a
    manufacturer calls concrete “paint” is really a stain. Most true concrete paints are epoxy based because epoxies’ add a little thickness and stick very well if the surface of the swimming pool deck is properly prepared before painting.


    Acid based chemical stains for decorating concrete pool decks have been around for many years now. It used to be the case that they were only available in very basic earth tones that resembled natural stone, wood or marble but that has changed very much recently. Nowadays the choice of stain colors has increased greatly as pastels and even vivid colors are now available. Stains last longer than paints because they penetrate into the concrete they are applied too. Concrete dyes are very similar in that they penetrate deep into the concrete like stains but they do not chemically react with the concrete itself like stains do. They are also available in a wide variety of colors.

    Concrete Microtoppings

    This type of concrete resurfacing is similar to Spray-on deck coatings that are discussed in the next section but they are much thinner and applied by hand. These coatings are so thin they are actually applied with a device that is similar to a window squeegee (rollers and other devices can be used also to give the finished product a distinct look). They are excellent for neatening up minor imperfections in a concrete pool deck surface and they can also add some color to the surrounding poolscape.

    Concrete microtoppings make for a great inexpensive pool deck makeover because they come in a variety of colors. They will also add texture to the swimming pool deck surface and add some slip-resistant qualities to the pool deck also. Each layer is approximately 20 mils of thickness when applied and it can be put on in multiple layers for extra thickness and durability. One very common use for concrete microtoppings is to provide a clean canvas for other types of more decorative concrete refinishing treatments to go on top of.


    Stencils might best be describes as wallpaper for concrete. They are usually made of a heavy gauge paper or plastic and have some sort of waxy coating on the surface. They are one of the cheaper ways to make your concrete surface look good and they are great in a pinch; such as if you are having an event that was scheduled last minute in your pool area and you are unhappy with the way the existing concrete looks. The patterns that these stencils are available in are usually repeating patterns such as brick, cobblestone or tile.


    Swimming pool deck engraving is just that. It does not add any material to your existing swimming pool deck it just beautifies the concrete that is already there. This method of concrete resurfacing is great for San Antonio concrete swimming pool decks that only have minor surface imperfections. You can even have custom emblems and writing engraved into your swimming pool deck if the engraving equipment used by your contractor is sophisticated enough to do this.